Spiritual Theme of the Month – September 2012


There is no limit to how far I can grow and stretch.  I can feel into the power of the Galaxy and the power of people.  I can transform my state-of-consciousness and my physical body.  I can even first play one role and then play another.

There is no limit when I am clear and when I am on my pivot point.  I am capable of living in two worlds and maintaining my ‘self-respect.’  As long as I know where I begin and end, and what I am moving toward, I will continue in what I come to do . . . As long as I recognize the need to learn and grow, as a soul, I will be deepening my opportunity.

I can be involved with many things as long as it is building me.  I can be of service to many people as long as I am being of-service to myself.  Finding the balance is what it is all about, and that starts with knowing where I am and what I want.

by Francisco David Coll

(C) 2012 Alley Creative, Inc.  All rights reserved


Each month Planet Earth experiences universal energy patterns that influence how we learn and grow.  A key word or theme of the month sums up what that experience will involve.  Working with this key word can help you to navigate your daily activities with greater understanding.