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Spiritual Theme of the Month – MAY, 2012


by Francisco David Coll

There is no end or limit to my energy and service when I am solid inside. I am free to surf the waves of life — calmly I achieve, quickly I evolve and joyfully I grow beyond. Lacking nothing, there is no end to what I have and who I am. The feeling of peace in all waters, comes with moving clearly toward my desires. Everyday I am closer and even more Pure to Purpose; no waste or hesitation and always to-the-point. I simply define what I need & want and go-get-it. That is how simple it is when I allow myself to be at ease. That is how powerful I am.


There is something normal, and special, to having all “My Needs Met.” My needs are basically my physical survival, and my spiritual. That’s it. With that simplicity anchored clearly in my rhythms and routines I become lighter. My creativity and Guidance open to me more. I become freer to achieve my aspirations, like water flowing down a stream. There is no anxiety or fear in this flow. I cannot be threatened in my wants. When I feel threatened or any anxiety in my aspirations or wants I have confused my wants with my needs. This can come as a feeling of vulnerability, and a reaction to it. These are all traps in a rat race. It is a game played by the confused. That is not me. I know the difference between my needs and wants and I know both are important. I am in the process of accomplishing the fulfillment of both. That is why I am here. That is my guarantee to myself.

There is no price worth paying to feel insecure. Whether it is worry, guilt or a Block of my choosing, it profits me nothing. I have organized myself to be here. I have claimed the opportunity to fulfill my purpose. I have contracted with a Master Team to guide me through it. There are many many souls who have not organized and or committed to what I have already accomplished. The experience of this is my wisdom. It is what I take with me. That is my perfect-pivot-point. Absolute assuredness is knowing that everything is here for me. So what would I like to put my energy into now? I cannot waste my energy, and the facts are I will achieve my goals, so how would I like to invest My Time now?


My focus determines my reality. This means whatever I put energy into will grow, much like the Sun shining on a fruit tree. If I do not want something to grow then I don’t feed it; I don’t give it my energy. When it comes time to make an adjustment or change I need crystal clear motives and facts from my feelings. In other words I need to know what I want and have a real feeling for it. This is important as I transform myself, recognizing that I will be called back to the old ways. This is because I have poured energy and time into doing or working with something a certain way. So I know that there will be a draw toward the past. That’s ok! I stay the course. I establish my interest in what I am building. I fix myself to my goal.

Minding my business is very important; the business of me. There are many strong, compelling and righteous reasons to mind someone else’s business … but they are all excuses and diversions from what I really come to do. This does not however mean I avoid people, it does not mean I don’t get involved, and it does not mean I don’t care. And it certainly does not mean I stop being of service. As long as I clearly know why I am doing what I am doing, and what is in it for me, and that it is an opportunity, then it is my business. The key is not making things greater or lesser than myself. When I start making the means more important than the end, I am caught. When I start fighting other people’s battles or creating a “cause,” I am minding someone else’s business. By doing my part, the best I know how, and avoiding Moral Issues, I cleanse myself and everything I am involved with. That is a key to living from the inside out. Living my Thrust.


I am not the over-concerned, I am not the lack-of-concerned. I am the truly concerned. I am Peace in all waters and I work with my crystal clear motives. I don’t treat everyone the same, I am the same with everyone. I am a Soul; I am energy. I do not need to worry about doing more, I simply focus on doing better. Happiness, success and abundance are already mine; all I need to do is be a master of myself. I am not a peacemaker, I am a peace-lover. These are just a few of my many statements of fact. They are not a future or a past, they are mine for All time. They are facts in my feelings. That is secure.

by Francisco D. Coll

© 2012, Alley Creative, Inc. All Rights Reserved


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Theme of The Month, July, 2011


“No one means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous.” ~ Henry Adams.

July brings us the energy of “Mean” to pivot from.

The ability to be ‘mean’ as in a lean, mean athlete generally means they are at their peak performance, ready to take on the challenges set for them. Whereas if one is a ‘mean’ person in the everyday sense it qualifies stinginess or an inability to share their inner or outer wealth. And interestingly enough the middle or average is also qualified as the ‘mean’.

There are many meanings to the word ‘mean’, if you know what I mean?

“God may be subtle, but he isn’t plain mean.” ~ Albert Einstein

On a big picture point of view, I, as a soul have meaning. There is no-one like me; I am and my message is Unique. I chose my plan and my ambition is to accomplish it before I go home. I ‘mean’ to follow through.

I prefer to be the green, mean, lean spiritual machine, but at times I fall into the I’m average or the ‘norm’. At these times for me to rise above the ‘mean’ I’ve fallen into I need to be a bit ‘mean’ to myself, in that I need to recheck and take actions to re-mind myself about my big picture and purpose and get back on track.

“The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

I however do not need to be ‘mean’ to myself about my short-comings. The act of regrouping from my pivot of my big picture is to acknowledge what has occurred, learn from that, put in place any refinements or new goals and move on. To be ‘mean’ to myself for not winning or accomplishing something from a human point of view locks the past into a concrete immovable manifestation which is not me… I am here practising my greatest self, not here to remind myself that I lack or am bad at something.

“By trying we can easily endure adversity. Another man’s, I mean.” ~ Mark Twain

If, as a baby, I judged myself and my activities or failures, I would never have learned to walk or talk. Watching children learning a new challenge is a joy to behold and I am absolutely sure all the angels have that same sense of joy when they see us as adults accomplish a new challenge. Have you watched a child learning to walk? Do you remember how many times they would get up, wobble, take a step and land sideways or fall over? They were persistent until they could do it – this is innate within all of us in our own timing.

Within all of us we have that ability to let go of the past and move on towards our present and future. There is no reason to carry the baggage of the past, it just makes our joy of self turn into concrete. And that doesn’t make us light!

Forgiveness is a very powerful tool… it’s intention is to dissolve the past judgements we have about ourselves and others. Mainly it helps the bearer of the weight let go and resolve so they can live without burden. Guilt is one way we are ‘mean’ to ourselves. Worry is another. Both of these emotions are enslavements, none have any value except to control our greater selves. They are emotions that are attached to areas of judgements within us… they are alarms that forgiveness can dissolve.

I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

July, 2011

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