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Theme of The Month, June, 2011


Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow does not exist yet.  There is only today . . . there is only the now.  These are the facts that bring clarity into my life.  A clarity that grows and expands from learning from the past, planning for the future, but still living and building today.  That stillness fills me when I know I have this moment.  When I know I have life in this breath.  It gives me great powers to fulfill my needs and accomplish my aspirations.  It frees me to be obedient to my true-feelings, to be militant and organized in my thoughts, and to be in harmony with my actions.  It simply means I am at peace in all waters and I show the way.  That is what living this moment is all about.  That is what it feels like to flow in the middle of the river.  It is ecstasy for the whole of life.

I live in two worlds at once, knowing that is part of knowing my big picture.  It is also knowing that I know that I know everything is going to be all right, in spite of the challenges and stepping stones in life.  It is in trying to re-live the past or trying to live in the future that I create or allow agitation in my water.  It is not my business to relive the past.  It is not my business to live in the future.  It is my business to do the very best I know how and Master My Energy.  When I am consistent in minding my business there is a calm that fills me and everything I am a part of.  It allows me to accomplish more with less effort.  It allows me to move fast by staying smooth first.

I have come to this higher school of learning to continue in my spiritual growth and expansion.  These are my “basics” and the foundation of why am here.  Part of the basics also is recognizing I have needs and wants.  My needs are basically spiritual and my physical survival.  Everything else is a want, but it’s okay to like my wants!  Part of why I am here is to experience the achievement of them.  Where I get into trouble is when I allow my needs and wants to get confused. I can invite more troubles and confusion by accepting other people’s fears about their needs and wants.  I have all the energy and backing of the Universe to do what I come to do, but there are limits to my energy when I try to learn what others come to experience.  Accepting other people’s fears is trying to live someone else’s destiny; it is perfect for them but it will not be for me.

To be still, peaceful and quiet inside does not mean doing nothing.  As a matter of fact, as a Wayshower, I am here to be involved in my life 100%!  There are some things that I am a part of over which I have little control.  How I work with them however is completely up to me.  It is truly about decision.  When I decide to be consistent with the good, kind, loving, sharing part of me I will have greater happiness, success and abundance.  It is up to me to be calm, cool and collected in my actions when there is combative energy around me. It is up to me to be at peace when people are experiencing turmoil around me.  It is up to me to be sure of my direction when there is uncertainty floating around me.  The clearer I am about my decision to be me, the easer it becomes to fulfill my purpose.  The easer it is to just be.

There is a strong sailing ship moving through the sea.  It travels from port to port being of service.  Some of the journeys are longer than others but the voyage is always clear.  Some of the waters are stormy but always passable.  This ship stays true because the captain trusts its compass, his team and the stars.  This ship was designed for its ventures and will never be lost.  It is in its ventures and service that the name “Serenity” becomes known.  I AM the captain of that ship.

by Francisco D. Coll

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The roles and opportunities I invest myself into will always reveal clues to life, which are there to simplify things for me. If I am doing something to improve myself spiritually every day, then I am accomplishing my life’s work. The strongest forms of inner-security are built when I have fulfilled my needs and know that I am accomplishing my aspirations.

I came here to invest in my self. I am also here to have fun and fulfillment. Through discernment and staying clear about where I came from, who I am and where I am going, I feel satisfaction in everything I do. I feel the serenity of the real me, living in two-worlds-at-once while achieving my goals. I become the continuous abundant flow of energy that ALL things can trust and respect, and that I can count on.

The Universe and nature flows and grows without limitation or struggle.
Even my body does best when it is at-ease. But being relaxed does not mean I am without direction or purpose. If I lose my inner incentive and drive I can create dis-ease into my future. Without crystal clear personal direction I will be at the mercy of the currents around me. It is vital that I am consistent in refining the harmony and balance of being comfortable, but not becoming “Comfy” (there is a big difference between being comfortable and being comfy). I can be peaceful inside even when there are challenges or changes around me. If I accept anything less than the real me, then I am opening the door to fears and confusion.

The anxieties in life come when I have doubts that everything is going to be all right. Well, I am going to be all right. I am going to get there. I know everyone will get there. Even through the ups and downs, the challenges and tragedies, everyone is going to make it. Knowing this is a powerful asset, but it is up to me to reinforce this energy in myself; people can help me, but I am the one with the contract to fulfill my goals, and I am the one that must KNOW that I am going to be all right and succeed.

It is also important to my energy that I know what is me and what is not me. I may have habits that come from my first 7 Years, I may even have tendencies magnified by the environment. They are all just suggestions now. I can do whatever I feel I need to do, but I can get into trouble when I think there is something outside of myself that is greater than what I have inside. When I forget that I am made up of all things I will start looking for happiness outside of myself. I may even start to strive or fight for the things I already have — like freedom, success, joy or peace. I indulge in illusions when I stop feeling that I can be happy in everything I do. I indulge in illusions when I act based solely on what I think and leave out how things feel to me. My opportunity is to unfold the real me every day and in every opportunity, that is the type of loyalty-to-self that builds everything in my inner world AND my outer world.

I have all the time in the world. I am time. I did not come to waste it, but I do have time. It is up to me to feel that I have enough time and give myself that time. When I understand time I will better work in My Timing. I will be doing the right thing at the right place and at the right timing . . . all in harmony with the Universe. It begins with this moment. Everything I have done has brought me to this place and time. I am a creator. Now with contentment, I will set my energy and move forward into my greatest works. I can be assertive or gentle, loud or quiet, serious or playful; I am willing to do what is needed in order to fulfill my needs and aspirations. I can fulfill many roles, wear many uniforms, and go many places. But no matter what it is always me . . . and always with direction and with contentment.

by Francisco D. Coll

© 2010, Alley Creative, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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