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Spiritual Theme of the Month – JUNE, 2012


by Francisco D. Coll

There is nothing that will corrupt my purpose, and my opportunities toward it.  I am true to my course.  I have paid my dues to be here; there is no doubt of who and what I am.  My thirst for life and opportunity is unquenchable because of it.   I do not want anyone to do anything “for” me.

From time to time I need a little Guidance with direction, but I will go-get-it.  This makes the depths of powers within me endless.  I am going to do what I came to do, I do not have to force it or even “try.”   I know that I know that I know I will “get there” and everything will be all right.


I wholly and completely accept this fact.  Whether it is this life or the next, I will accomplish what I have come to do … this is peace.  Everyone is going to get there.  Even my friends, family, acquaintances and strangers, going through great challenges, are going to be all right.



I do not need to steal from them by doing for them.  All I need to do is be an example of what I came to do and give a helping-hand and guidance from time-to-time.  That is being a strong Wayshower… that is being a master of my energy … that is how easy it is.


To help you set your spiritual energy for the month, here are a few questions on which to reflect:

1.  What accomplishments have helped you build your inner strength? 

2.  How can you help yourself and others to add strength to the direction being set?

3.  How can you add ease and inner peace into your daily life more? 

by Francisco D. Coll

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Theme of the Month – November, 2011


by Francisco D. Coll

How far can I go?  How much success am I willing to claim?  Do I really accept people for who and what they are?  Do I accept myself 100%?  My ability to learn and grow is directly connected to my willingness to let go of habits and concepts that no longer work for me.  All I need is to truly do the best that I know how and patiently fulfill my goals.

Butterfly release

Recognizing success is a large part of unfolding soul consciousness.  The fact that I am here is a great success.  There are many who have not organized themselves to be where I am and experience what I have.  Just breathing and keeping my physical body together means that I am successful.  This does not mean that I am better. I will never be better, just as I will never be lesser.  There are no greater or lesser souls-only different states of consciousness.  It simply means that I have organized myself.  I have everything I need to be successful.  I am as successful as I want to be and I can be very proud of who I am and what I have accomplished through all of my experiences.

Once I accept that I am energy, I can start relaxing inside. When I embrace my opportunity here to learn and grow, I will be free. What robs me of that abundant freedom is competition.  A little positive competition gives me the incentive to achieve what I want.  This comes from inside.  Too much competition will take away from what I want, before I even achieve it.  This comes from outside.  When the outer world becomes more important than the Real Me, I am caught in competition.  I am controlled and easily used.  The solution is acceptance: accepting who I am and what I have is powerful.  The solution is minding my own business. I am in the business of me, and I best fulfill that when I am being of super service.

When I work with my full potential, I accept my inner power and accept “the god within.”  This is living life.  The real challenge comes when I stop moving at my inner pace and stop claiming my own Clear Direction.  I may have been told that having my own direction is dangerous.  I may have been told that I will fail or “lose.”  I may have been fed many things that can create fear or resistance.  If I accept the fears of others I could become posessive of my opportunities or blow my timing for new opportunities.  I will resist the flow of my own energy and that of the universe.  It is my opportunity to forge new experiences and cover new ground for myself.  That is an important part of why I am here.  How will I mature as a soul if I am not fully involved in my purpose?  How will my accomplishments and people mature if I am not fully involved in my purpose?  I won’t, and they won’t, until I take action, learn from the experience and then Follow-Through.

Everything starts with a True Feeling.  This is very different than an emotion.  By allowing myself to organize what I feel for success, I accomplish the fulfillment.  It is simply giving myself permission.  I give myself permission to be Happy.  I give myself permission to be Successful.  I give myself permission to be Abundant.  It all happens by making that decision.  It happens when I allow it to happen.  Every time I breathe in, I am accepting abundance.  Every time I breathe out I am sharing abundance.  Breathe in, breathe out.  In, out.  Accept and release.  Fulfill and accomplish.  Breathe in, breathe out.

I am free.  There is no need to explain or complicate that statement.  I am free.  I am so free that sometimes I can involve myself with blocks.  That is ok.  They can give me stability while I am maturing.  But I am ready to move beyond.  I am willing to let go.  My desire for deeper and greater success is stronger than worry, fear or guilt.  To fully claim my true needs and wants, I will Release the blocks.  I let go of concepts that no longer work for me.  Release does not mean I lose things or people.  It means I give freedom to myself and everything I am involved in.  Release is letting go of excuses and embracing the Real Me.

by Francisco D. Coll

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Theme of The Month, March, 2011


This is a special place, a special school. It is a place of true opportunity. This life, these cycles, years, months, weeks and days are all advancing me. This hour, these moments and every breath is something very special: the expansion of the real me. It is all things that make up the experiences of being here. Regardless of whether someone is here for a few minutes, just days or an entire lifetime, it is valuable. The fact that I am here means I am a hero among other heroes. It is not about becoming successful here; it is about deciding what level of success I want to work with, today.

Forward is my inner charter. Being fully committed to Learning & Growing from my experiences, never going backwards, is my standard. Every day is a lifetime, and an unfoldment, and a recalling of the real me. The facts are that I am one with all things and only I allow misunderstandings in me. The greatest thing I can hope to lose is ignorance. The freer I feel, the easier it is to live my life to my potential. The less free I feel, the more I carry not-so-good habits into the future. So, the greatest thing I can hope to lose is ignorance. The better I accept that I am here to Invest in myself, the better I can work with abundance and affluence, and do what I have come to do. Every feeling, thought and action is about building myself in the beautiful now and stepping forward.

As I refine my energy forward, I need to refine my needs and wants as well. This means having better discernment and crystal clear motives. It also means new layers of commitment and connection with my bigger picture. When I resist these daily graduations I will experience pressure. I may even try slowing my inner pace to the outer pace of other people. Any action or decision I make based on fear, worry or guilt can retard or slow the fulfilling of my purpose. If I continue to play with things that are not in my best interest, I will regress into the past. This basically means I will pay a high price for something I already have. That is not me. I know what I want and I am willing to put forth the energy to accomplish it, the best I know how. I know what my needs are and I will fulfill them throughout my journey and in everything I do, learning and growing from them. That is the crystal clear me. That is the Builder.

As a builder of myself, I am a wielder of energy. It is simple. It means falling in love with the Positive: the Involvement, the People and the “Accomplishment with Fulfillment,” as well as with the Spirit. It is being willing to follow through as a “Peace-Lover” and not worry about being a peacemaker. It means I am willing to do what it takes to have peace … peace inside. In its simplest form it is not giving a home to confusion or negative thoughts and emotions. Water always seeks its own level and I am no different. I will innately move toward harmony even if it sometimes takes me through rapids and waterfalls. I am willing to get involved and experience because I have a bigger picture. I respect and have love for people and things because I have respect and love for myself. To be a master of myself starts with accepting that I am energy and then claiming my higher vibration. That’s why I am here.

All things are a means to an end so that I may grow spiritually. I have that opportunity in everything I do. I have that opportunity in every moment. I am going to make it … everyone is going to make it. There are no greater or lesser jobs, just opportunities. There are no greater or lesser people, just different states of consciousness. Because I know who I am, where I came from and where I am going, I am clear with my opportunities. Whether there is a minute of opportunity or lifetime’s worth, whether there is birth or death, I see it all the same.  I see it with a spiritual march with progress.

by Francisco D. Coll

© 2011, Alley Creative, Inc. All Rights Reserved


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Theme of the Month, August, 2010


Without eyes I see, without ears I hear and without a physical body I feel.  I am one with all things.  I AM All Things. I could not be here, or even exist here, unless I was a part of all things.  I already have all the greatness and potential of my aspirations and dreams, otherwise I would not be able to recognize them.  The better I understand the facts of where I came from, who I am and where I am going the eaiser my successes will flow and the better connection I have with my goals.

Valuing and honoring what I have done for myself is key to clearly identifying the needs in any situation. I can be proud of who I am and what I have accomplished for myself.  It has taken a great deal of time and energy for me to be here at this moment to have this opportunity.  When I do not value what I have created, including my “stepping stones,” I will be bombarded with unnecessary thoughts and pressures.  I will be at the mercy of the currents and habits around me.  If I look back at what I have done and say I was wrong, I will create fears of involvement.  However, if I am willing to take an honest look at myself and invest the needed time and energy into building and unfolding what I have, I will have greater success.  I am successful for just being here . . . now, how much better would I like that success to be?  To know thy self is to actually see what most just look over, and to have clarity of body and mind with myself as a Soul.

What is me and what is not me?  This is an important question to stay vigilant about. When I recall the simplicity of why I am here I stop indulging in thoughts and emotions that are a waste of time.  Because I know who I am and why I am here, I can easily and quickly discern my business, my service and my timing.  Good discernment is clarifying what is Essential, what is Important, and what is just a Preference.  All things have their place and all things have their importance.  I can be involved with anything but I need to know my timing and maintain my self-respect – for there are few problems that cannot be resolved with a little more self-respect.  Self-respect is not about greed.  Someone does not have to “lose” in order for me to “gain.”  The bigger my picture the more I realize that I am here to fulfill my needs and wants through being of service.  When I set my goal to be “Clean and Clear,” I am committing to better discernment and to conscious success as a Soul.  I am committing to do the best I know how, as a builder.

When I am consistent in my desires to learn and grow spiritually I am accepting of all the universe has to offer. When I am consistent in my desires to fulfill my needs and wants, I am giving opportunity with that energy.  Consistency brings greater backing with Inner Guidance, understanding of my experiences, and the empowerment of the bigger picture.  When I am inconsistent I can stimulate or create fear, and when there is fear it is difficult to tell the forest from the trees.  When there is fear there can be territorialism or possessiveness, and in addition, when I indulge in guilt or worry I am contributing to ignorance.  It can be subtle or it can be blatant, but contributing to ignorance in any way is creating separation.  The greatest thing I can hope to lose while I am here is ignorance.  All I need to do is make the Decision to accomplish and fulfill my needs and wants.  When there is “decision” in my life, I claim my purpose and succeed in everything I do.

As I better understand my time and timing I am clearer about understanding my affinities and contracts. There are people I have affinities with.  There are people that I have Contracts with.  And there are some that are both.  Knowing that difference is understanding what is more material and what is more spiritual.  It is understanding the energies of wants and needs – both are important to my growth and opportunity but confusing them builds La-La-Land, or limbo. Buying into the ideas of lack, such as no love, no time, no support or no abundance, is ignoring and covering up my true feelings.  It is becoming comfy in stagnation.  Everyone has freewill, so it is essential that I  “check” and “recheck” my service and needs when I am working with people.  The peace-that-passes-understanding is accepting people where they are while continuing to move toward my goals.  Love is for all time and goes on beyond conscious understanding.

I recognize and fulfill my needs.  I recognize and accomplish my wants.  I recognize and act when I can be of service. I recognize all this because I am crystal clear in my energy and motives.  The power to recognize things, as they are, is knowing, seeing, hearing and feeling the real me as I am.  With this, I clearly move forward in my potential.

by Francisco D. Coll

© 2010, Alley Creative, Inc. All Rights Reserved


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Theme of the Month, June, 2010


I am free and without limiting boundaries. I am perfect for what I come to do. I will accomplish what I desire – and do so now. I love, respect and back all things just as I love, respect and back myself. This is innate to me. I do not have to TRY to be successful, I am a success. My opportunity is to better that success. This is the energy of great healing, transformation and purpose. It is the love that I have inside, the love that holds my body together, and the love that keeps the cosmos moving. As long as I believe in myself and have clear motives I can unfold the power and wisdom of the universe inside me. I can unfold the power and wisdom of the universe in what I am doing and in everything around me.

My power to fulfill what I have come to do is connected to my level of respect and acceptance.

“If I accept myself as an individual, then I can accept any other individual for what he is. I accept him the way he wants me to accept him, because I respect him. If he wants to be stupid, I accept him that way. If he wants to be smart, I accept that. I don’t want to change anyone. Self-respect is being one with all things.” When I truly accept myself, and my opportunity this life, I will be able to be of super-service. It is natural to give of myself, natural to support my opportunity and people. It is natural because when I am doing it for myself I cannot help but overflow with the pure water inside me.”

I am here to do great things, just by living My life. Spiritually I did not come here for a vacation. I am not here to be ambiguous or ambivalent with my energy or direction. That stimulates fears, and fear is not the business I am in. It is not my business at all. I am in the business of “the Real Me.” Without this understanding I will get caught in the games of the outer. And if I am not crystal clear with my motives I will begin destroying the things I desire. I can become overly aggressive and pushy, or too passive and lifeless. The solution is being in my right timing. Being respectful of my time and timing means living in affluence. It is respecting other people’s time as well. This is a key to flowing abundantly. It means being at the right place doing the right thing at the right time. That is the power of self-respect.

There is a saying: “The Journeymen is the inspiration and the Apprentice is the solution.” I do not need to TRY to create. I am already creating as a creator. Trying is living from the outside in. It is the habit of creating greater challenges than I actually need. It is the syndrome of indulging myself in a Catering vibration. It is the beginning of an inferiority complex. I could even say, it is the rush to be perfect. Am I here to be a usable instrument? Am I here to suffer? These are all decoys, thoughts that build on nothing. I am a soul, with a physical body. I am energy. I am an intelligent light with powerful Inner-Guidance. I have everything I need. All I need to do is enjoy myself, do the best I know how and abundantly be of service. This is crystal clear direction. This is accepting all the abundance the universe has to offer.

The Universe and Spirit are a catalyst for all things. All my joys and challenges I create are mine because the Universe and Spirit is consistent. I have great opportunity because of the consistency of these rhythms and routines and I too can be a catalyst for all things. I give myself great opportunity when I am consistent in my rhythms and routines – the rhythm and routines of doing what I come to do and unfolding my potential . . . as a fun and fulfilling way of life. Being a catalyst does not mean I treat everyone the same. It means I am the same with everyone. It is simply accepting the wisdom and energy that is mine and is being offered to me, and then passing it on. Fulfilling my thrust and purpose is being the catalyst of my time.

by Francisco D. Coll

© 2010, Alley Creative, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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