Successes of Now

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The Theme for the Spiritual Year 2012-2013

Successes of Now 

by Francisco David Coll

There is no substitute for me being me.  When I am, there is an echo that goes out beyond the conscious understanding.  Did the Universe produce anything less than what is perfect?  No!  Even in its imperfections, it is perfect, just like me.  Through my greatness — and even through my not-so-good habits, my stepping stones and scars and bruises, and my fears — I am perfect.  I do not need to “strive” for perfection because I already am perfect.

This is not about conceit or greed, it is about the strong personal core value of Self-Respect.  It is my responsibility to do the very best I know how in my opportunity and to learn and grow from it.  This means when I move into the next opportunity, I have a greater mastery of myself.  In short, if I do not lift my own state of awareness it will not get done.  Returning to, and accepting, this fact energizes the “Why” I am here and brings the feeling of “Home” into all I do.

This is an amazing place and a great time.  All of my experiences have been for the making of me, now.  Just imagine all the energy, people and things that have flowed in and out, together, in order that I am here with all my experiences and energy.  I have orchestrated a masterful symphony to be here.  This time of mine is precious to me, of great value.  I respect it as I respect myself.  That is why it is so important to respect myself.  Through that I fulfill my purpose and am of-service to people.  I don’t waste my time with disorganized communication and action.

Also, it is important that I set my boundaries so I am freer.  If I am not where I need to be, it’s time to have the courage to set my boundaries so as to point toward my goals.  The only one that can enslave me as a soul is me; there are no excuses because I am free.  Spiritually, I do not owe anyone anything nor do they owe me anything — and this applies especially with the people that supported me in my First 7 Years.  I am free and so are they . . . we both received something beneficial and valuable from the experience.  With this understanding I can start to match the Spiritual with the Material, creating and recreating freedom in all I do.  This is what it feels like to have good spiritual and material contracts.

Along with my Thrust I have key personal policies that help me do what I need to do in a clearway.  This is the energy of being a lean, mean, clean, green, spiritual machine.  The Theme, ‘Successes of Now,’ will give opportunity for the whole of me to come alive.  Here are some additional key guidelines:


My rights end where yours begin, your rights end where mine begin.

“Doubt” is an expensive luxury I need not afford.  True-Feelings are the necessity.

I am equal — There are no greater or lesser souls, only different states-of-consciousness.


I am the sum total of every thought and feeling I have ever had – I have all that I need within.

I am not a servant, I am here to be of service — I do not confuse suggestions with commands.

Freedom is to the soul what air is to the body.  Vigilance is easy when I am clear.

True Balance

I fulfill my 50% and stand ready to go the extra mile when needed.

I am friendly, but the “Facts” are my friends.

I don’t treat everyone the same, I am the same with everyone.

Elegant Organization

By organizing myself a little each day, toward my goals, I will have greater success.

I only need to be organized enough to grasp my goal . . . anything more creates waste.

My happiness, success and abundance are a reflection of how well I Feel-Think-Act.

Personal Growth

I desire – I experience – I learn – I grow . . . this is soul evolution.

I live to master myself as a Wayshower — my personal and material goals help me.

Being of service is super, being of super-service is being.


I am 100% honest with myself, I am 100% sincere with the world.

Wisdom is doing, while building my own Golden Guidelines.

I am willing to do what it takes to fulfill my purpose.

The simplest way to build myself spiritually is to practice it.  I practice it in everything I do.  When my practice creates a rhythm, it’s time to be of service to people.  I then practice doing better in my service.  As I become abundant in my service it’s time to pass it on.  I delegate so I can manage more.  When the needs are fulfilled I can release the task, and can then practice the next need.  This example of harmonizing the spiritual and the material serves as a catalyst for freedom and spiritual evolution.  I need to be alert to holding on to people and things too long because that could choke my spiritual flow.  It is loyalty to the needs that makes great successes.

As movement begins and dominos trigger others I will feel a sense of urgency.  One to two, two to four, four to eight and so on.  That is the time to know I have my destiny in hand.  I can allow my powers of perception to work for me or against me — “What is me and what is not me?”  “Is this my opportunity or is this someone else’s?”  It is important that I remember everything is going to be alright.  Life is but a blinking of an eye so I have no need to create moral issues or to get caught up in them.  It is important for me to remember everything it took to get here; it wasn’t for free!

Freedom is the ability to succeed, and the ability to fail.  Both succeeding and failing eventually grow into greatness, it is simply a matter of time and how I use it.  If I love and respect myself, and people, I will allow that freedom to be present in all I do and all I am.  Being a Spirit of Success is simply focusing on my goal, being of service through it, and passing it on.  Being Prepared is simply being ready to do this in every opportunity.

As I show the way, those growing around me will stumble and sometimes even fall.  But in my wake they will find themselves and what they come to do.  It is extremely inspiring to see self-awareness come about in others as they are moved by one’s example.  The “Decision” to be happy and free is the decision to release sadness and captivity.  I am a sun with my own solar system, it is up to me what I radiate out.  Everyone is involved at this level in their opportunity, so that all I need to do is to shine on what I want, and to accept it.  As long as I am clear in what I need and want, all I have and all I am is the Successes of Now.


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Theme of The Month, July, 2011


“No one means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean, for words are slippery and thought is viscous.” ~ Henry Adams.

July brings us the energy of “Mean” to pivot from.

The ability to be ‘mean’ as in a lean, mean athlete generally means they are at their peak performance, ready to take on the challenges set for them. Whereas if one is a ‘mean’ person in the everyday sense it qualifies stinginess or an inability to share their inner or outer wealth. And interestingly enough the middle or average is also qualified as the ‘mean’.

There are many meanings to the word ‘mean’, if you know what I mean?

“God may be subtle, but he isn’t plain mean.” ~ Albert Einstein

On a big picture point of view, I, as a soul have meaning. There is no-one like me; I am and my message is Unique. I chose my plan and my ambition is to accomplish it before I go home. I ‘mean’ to follow through.

I prefer to be the green, mean, lean spiritual machine, but at times I fall into the I’m average or the ‘norm’. At these times for me to rise above the ‘mean’ I’ve fallen into I need to be a bit ‘mean’ to myself, in that I need to recheck and take actions to re-mind myself about my big picture and purpose and get back on track.

“The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

I however do not need to be ‘mean’ to myself about my short-comings. The act of regrouping from my pivot of my big picture is to acknowledge what has occurred, learn from that, put in place any refinements or new goals and move on. To be ‘mean’ to myself for not winning or accomplishing something from a human point of view locks the past into a concrete immovable manifestation which is not me… I am here practising my greatest self, not here to remind myself that I lack or am bad at something.

“By trying we can easily endure adversity. Another man’s, I mean.” ~ Mark Twain

If, as a baby, I judged myself and my activities or failures, I would never have learned to walk or talk. Watching children learning a new challenge is a joy to behold and I am absolutely sure all the angels have that same sense of joy when they see us as adults accomplish a new challenge. Have you watched a child learning to walk? Do you remember how many times they would get up, wobble, take a step and land sideways or fall over? They were persistent until they could do it – this is innate within all of us in our own timing.

Within all of us we have that ability to let go of the past and move on towards our present and future. There is no reason to carry the baggage of the past, it just makes our joy of self turn into concrete. And that doesn’t make us light!

Forgiveness is a very powerful tool… it’s intention is to dissolve the past judgements we have about ourselves and others. Mainly it helps the bearer of the weight let go and resolve so they can live without burden. Guilt is one way we are ‘mean’ to ourselves. Worry is another. Both of these emotions are enslavements, none have any value except to control our greater selves. They are emotions that are attached to areas of judgements within us… they are alarms that forgiveness can dissolve.

I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

July, 2011

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