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Spiritual Theme of the Month – JUNE, 2012


by Francisco D. Coll

There is nothing that will corrupt my purpose, and my opportunities toward it.  I am true to my course.  I have paid my dues to be here; there is no doubt of who and what I am.  My thirst for life and opportunity is unquenchable because of it.   I do not want anyone to do anything “for” me.

From time to time I need a little Guidance with direction, but I will go-get-it.  This makes the depths of powers within me endless.  I am going to do what I came to do, I do not have to force it or even “try.”   I know that I know that I know I will “get there” and everything will be all right.


I wholly and completely accept this fact.  Whether it is this life or the next, I will accomplish what I have come to do … this is peace.  Everyone is going to get there.  Even my friends, family, acquaintances and strangers, going through great challenges, are going to be all right.



I do not need to steal from them by doing for them.  All I need to do is be an example of what I came to do and give a helping-hand and guidance from time-to-time.  That is being a strong Wayshower… that is being a master of my energy … that is how easy it is.


To help you set your spiritual energy for the month, here are a few questions on which to reflect:

1.  What accomplishments have helped you build your inner strength? 

2.  How can you help yourself and others to add strength to the direction being set?

3.  How can you add ease and inner peace into your daily life more? 

by Francisco D. Coll

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Please Enjoy Angels by Draccun

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By Francisco David Coll

There is a harmony that is beyond words- a feeling that I know that I know I am doing what I came to do. It is the feeling and perfection of who I am and what I have accomplished, and it honors all the backing I have. It is the freedom to be. I can feel it inside! It is in me…. it is me! The more I freely give of myself in an organized way, the more I am bathed in Life. I am powerful. If I accept my success, I will be filled with it. If I do not accept my success, I won’t. There is nothing to fear. Fear is an illusion created by ignorance. Fear is not freedom. I have my Sensitivity and Inner Guidance; I am not a captive of ignorance. I will transform and let go of anything that holds me back, especially my own concepts. There is not one thing that is here to stop me from doing what I came to do. There are lessons, there are challenges, there are even systems that I must work in. All are here helping me. All are helping me master my energy.

Being purposeful with my energy and time brings sophistication. It is a deeper loyalty to myself. It means genuinely living in the now and truly learning and growing from my experiences. Doing the dishes, driving to work, being of service, fellowshipping and sharing with people, vacationing… they are powerful means. I can choose to accept and embrace the opportunity or go through them living in the past or future. I will get out of it exactly what I put into it. There is no room to play the games without accepting and sharing freely if I am committed to my own True course.

I create my destiny, so what are my motives? Am I making decisions based on fears or anxieties? That will not work. What I sow I will reap. So…. I will make decisions and build with the facts. I will do the best I know how. I will maintain crystal clear motives. I will not hold back.

If I am one with all things, then everything is here. There is no separation. If this is true, what is missing? There is nothing missing as long as I claim it. Until the things I need and want are clearly stated, inside and out, I will be trying to live two ideas at once. I will be the monkey holding onto two vines. That is not the real me. Those are ideas from someone else who was taught to doubt. Step by step moving forward, that’s me. Sometimes running, sometimes walking, but always the forward embrace. There are people around me who think they cannot move ahead. I am a Wayshower (an example) of progress and evolution regardless of other people’s fears. Inner discipline is simply hearing the inner voice louder and clearer than the outer ones. That is a key for knowing that I know.

Everything is going to be alright. When things get overwhelming or confusing, I say, “Everything’s going to be alright.” I need to tell myself this truth sometimes, or it can get covered up. This is having loyalty and responsibility for my own energy. Taking personal responsibility for my energy is 50% of the healing and the solution. The other 50% is follow-through. There are souls who are unwilling to do this. My service to them is to do it for myself and offer a little guidance; that’s it. It is important that I keep my spiritual accounts balanced and settle accounts materially whenever possible. This keeps anchors to a minimum. Spiritually, I do not owe anyone anything and they do not owe me anything. That goes for anyone I encounter. There is no need for feeling sorry for or sympathizing with anyone, including myself. If I value my freedom, I need to respect everyone else’s, otherwise I will unknowingly begin to imprison myself. Doing for others what they can do for themselves is a glory trip and makes people dependent on me. That doesn’t mean I don’t go out of my way to be of service. One common trap to avoid is spending my time and energy instead of investing it. I am here to invest through experience, just like everyone else. Everything is going to be alright.

I have organized myself to be here. This means I have great powers. Transforming negatives into positives and working with positive energy takes little effort. It’s like being in the Universe; one simple Thrust and I can go forever. Getting caught in negativity is hard work. If I have survived struggling with negative things, that means I have more than enough power to work with the positive. It starts with remembering that I am Energy. There is no separation. This is my foundation to build anything! This is the energy of joy, love, freedom, success and Abundance! There is no limitation. I do not need to get caught in man-made emotional monsters. That is a game I need to release. It’s time to let my knowledge become wisdom; time to transform my experiences into investments. It is my time to help manifest the bigger picture into physical form.

Believe in myself to build. Believe in myself to lead. Believe . . . to create.


by Francisco D. Coll

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Theme of the Month, June, 2010


I am free and without limiting boundaries. I am perfect for what I come to do. I will accomplish what I desire – and do so now. I love, respect and back all things just as I love, respect and back myself. This is innate to me. I do not have to TRY to be successful, I am a success. My opportunity is to better that success. This is the energy of great healing, transformation and purpose. It is the love that I have inside, the love that holds my body together, and the love that keeps the cosmos moving. As long as I believe in myself and have clear motives I can unfold the power and wisdom of the universe inside me. I can unfold the power and wisdom of the universe in what I am doing and in everything around me.

My power to fulfill what I have come to do is connected to my level of respect and acceptance.

“If I accept myself as an individual, then I can accept any other individual for what he is. I accept him the way he wants me to accept him, because I respect him. If he wants to be stupid, I accept him that way. If he wants to be smart, I accept that. I don’t want to change anyone. Self-respect is being one with all things.” When I truly accept myself, and my opportunity this life, I will be able to be of super-service. It is natural to give of myself, natural to support my opportunity and people. It is natural because when I am doing it for myself I cannot help but overflow with the pure water inside me.”

I am here to do great things, just by living My life. Spiritually I did not come here for a vacation. I am not here to be ambiguous or ambivalent with my energy or direction. That stimulates fears, and fear is not the business I am in. It is not my business at all. I am in the business of “the Real Me.” Without this understanding I will get caught in the games of the outer. And if I am not crystal clear with my motives I will begin destroying the things I desire. I can become overly aggressive and pushy, or too passive and lifeless. The solution is being in my right timing. Being respectful of my time and timing means living in affluence. It is respecting other people’s time as well. This is a key to flowing abundantly. It means being at the right place doing the right thing at the right time. That is the power of self-respect.

There is a saying: “The Journeymen is the inspiration and the Apprentice is the solution.” I do not need to TRY to create. I am already creating as a creator. Trying is living from the outside in. It is the habit of creating greater challenges than I actually need. It is the syndrome of indulging myself in a Catering vibration. It is the beginning of an inferiority complex. I could even say, it is the rush to be perfect. Am I here to be a usable instrument? Am I here to suffer? These are all decoys, thoughts that build on nothing. I am a soul, with a physical body. I am energy. I am an intelligent light with powerful Inner-Guidance. I have everything I need. All I need to do is enjoy myself, do the best I know how and abundantly be of service. This is crystal clear direction. This is accepting all the abundance the universe has to offer.

The Universe and Spirit are a catalyst for all things. All my joys and challenges I create are mine because the Universe and Spirit is consistent. I have great opportunity because of the consistency of these rhythms and routines and I too can be a catalyst for all things. I give myself great opportunity when I am consistent in my rhythms and routines – the rhythm and routines of doing what I come to do and unfolding my potential . . . as a fun and fulfilling way of life. Being a catalyst does not mean I treat everyone the same. It means I am the same with everyone. It is simply accepting the wisdom and energy that is mine and is being offered to me, and then passing it on. Fulfilling my thrust and purpose is being the catalyst of my time.

by Francisco D. Coll

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