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Theme of the Month – October, 2011


Within the month of October 2011 the energy of DOUSE represents that which spirit presents it’s form of lessons for not only each and everyone of us on Planet Earth but also for Governments, Companies and Organizations that require this turning point.

It is about Whole Hog Vs Chicken. The decision/s needs to be made internally of “Full Steam Ahead” immersed in Spirit’s direction and guidance or continuing to dabble and talk about the minimal contributions we as citizens make within ourselves, our family, our work and society. Companies that do not align with this bigger picture will ‘douse’ themselves out of existence, fold, go into liquidation or bankruptcy.

This month is a major turning point in the biggest picture of the Planet as well. Gaia will not allow the negative aspects of Douse to dampen her resolve to move ahead.. like the Phoenix Rising, she will once again nurture it’s inhabitants once they shape up. The transition from 3rd to 5th Dimension is at hand. She will not however back those who continue to take.

Some symptoms that you may encounter will include:

  • Hearing “This is always how it’s been done” when you wish to be creative
  • Depression and Discord
  • Anxiety and Rush Rush
  • Worry about funds and lack
  • No time for ‘fun’ or ‘hugs’
  • You lose your employment
  • Appointments to move forward are cancelled
  • Banking hassles or impending foreclosure threats
  • Projects come to a grinding halt
  • Everywhere you look, it’s a doom and gloom outlook
  • Negative conversations that leave you feeling washed out
  • No energy to accomplish

The aspects of Douse which can be used to enlighten and uplift are:

  • Commitment to inner direction, inner loyalty and responsibility
  • Putting into the greater whole something of lasting value
  • Sharing your wisdom to keep it simple
  • Truth in all circumstances without fear of reprisal
  • Rising above pettiness and small pictures
  • Choosing Love and Support; NO Fear or Doubt
  • Listening to your inner guidance, inner passion, inner feelings
  • Spending quality time with your family and friends
  • Realigning ‘archaic’ systems in your workplace to simplified routines and checklists
  • Walk away from confusion; you play no part in that enslavement
  • Take one moment at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time
  • Enjoy the experiences you are having NOW
  • See it for what it is, then let it go
  • Remind yourself to be patient with yourself
  • Go with your PASSION

The month of October gives us a chance to filter out what we do not want to accept in our lives as normal anymore. It is a chance to reprogram your inner workings so that your outer experience is full of enjoyment, love and laughter. Those experiences that hit home and don’t work for you are just that.. the old you. It is time to re-evaluate what works for you and let go of that which does not… and this includes friends, family, business associates, attitudes, habits and possessions.

Life is simple! Douse gives us opportunity to keep it that way. Have FUN.

A great song to sing for this month is “This Little Light Of Mine.. I’m gunna let it shine” and here’s the African Children’s Choir doing it at their best.




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An Excerpt from The Wayshowers Philosophy for the Theme of the Month – September, 2011.


I am the gathering of energies. Energies that come from the Universe and this Planet. I am truly One-with-All, or I could not be here. This solar system is a reflection of me and I am a reflection of it. Everything in my life is a part of my own solar system. I am a Sun. I radiate to people and things and they gravitate toward me.

I have contracts with other suns. Together we are a group, which helps me evolve and master my own energy. I have one simple opportunity or job – to be whole and completely me – to be success, radiate my goals and continue unfolding what I have. Through commitment in this process, I will learn and grow lifetimes worth – all by being me – my true self. I give life to my ideas and concepts. I share energy with people and things.

As long as I desire to hold them in my light, they will grow. It is my continuing opportunity to clearly illuminate what I truly desire and it will then come to life and grow. It is time to do what it takes to set free the light within!


Ask yourself these questions to shine light on not only your month but the whole Spiritual New Year of 2011/2012

1. What can I do this month to be a 100% involved “directed light” this month?

2. How can I give opportunity to myself and others more?

3. What bigger picture of my life is ready to reveal itself to me this month?

Now ask your guidance these same questions to see what deeper insights may come!

by Francisco D. Coll

© 2010, Alley Creative, Inc. All Rights Reserved    

Vanessa Amorosi with Shine!





By Francisco David Coll

There is a harmony that is beyond words- a feeling that I know that I know I am doing what I came to do. It is the feeling and perfection of who I am and what I have accomplished, and it honors all the backing I have. It is the freedom to be. I can feel it inside! It is in me…. it is me! The more I freely give of myself in an organized way, the more I am bathed in Life. I am powerful. If I accept my success, I will be filled with it. If I do not accept my success, I won’t. There is nothing to fear. Fear is an illusion created by ignorance. Fear is not freedom. I have my Sensitivity and Inner Guidance; I am not a captive of ignorance. I will transform and let go of anything that holds me back, especially my own concepts. There is not one thing that is here to stop me from doing what I came to do. There are lessons, there are challenges, there are even systems that I must work in. All are here helping me. All are helping me master my energy.

Being purposeful with my energy and time brings sophistication. It is a deeper loyalty to myself. It means genuinely living in the now and truly learning and growing from my experiences. Doing the dishes, driving to work, being of service, fellowshipping and sharing with people, vacationing… they are powerful means. I can choose to accept and embrace the opportunity or go through them living in the past or future. I will get out of it exactly what I put into it. There is no room to play the games without accepting and sharing freely if I am committed to my own True course.

I create my destiny, so what are my motives? Am I making decisions based on fears or anxieties? That will not work. What I sow I will reap. So…. I will make decisions and build with the facts. I will do the best I know how. I will maintain crystal clear motives. I will not hold back.

If I am one with all things, then everything is here. There is no separation. If this is true, what is missing? There is nothing missing as long as I claim it. Until the things I need and want are clearly stated, inside and out, I will be trying to live two ideas at once. I will be the monkey holding onto two vines. That is not the real me. Those are ideas from someone else who was taught to doubt. Step by step moving forward, that’s me. Sometimes running, sometimes walking, but always the forward embrace. There are people around me who think they cannot move ahead. I am a Wayshower (an example) of progress and evolution regardless of other people’s fears. Inner discipline is simply hearing the inner voice louder and clearer than the outer ones. That is a key for knowing that I know.

Everything is going to be alright. When things get overwhelming or confusing, I say, “Everything’s going to be alright.” I need to tell myself this truth sometimes, or it can get covered up. This is having loyalty and responsibility for my own energy. Taking personal responsibility for my energy is 50% of the healing and the solution. The other 50% is follow-through. There are souls who are unwilling to do this. My service to them is to do it for myself and offer a little guidance; that’s it. It is important that I keep my spiritual accounts balanced and settle accounts materially whenever possible. This keeps anchors to a minimum. Spiritually, I do not owe anyone anything and they do not owe me anything. That goes for anyone I encounter. There is no need for feeling sorry for or sympathizing with anyone, including myself. If I value my freedom, I need to respect everyone else’s, otherwise I will unknowingly begin to imprison myself. Doing for others what they can do for themselves is a glory trip and makes people dependent on me. That doesn’t mean I don’t go out of my way to be of service. One common trap to avoid is spending my time and energy instead of investing it. I am here to invest through experience, just like everyone else. Everything is going to be alright.

I have organized myself to be here. This means I have great powers. Transforming negatives into positives and working with positive energy takes little effort. It’s like being in the Universe; one simple Thrust and I can go forever. Getting caught in negativity is hard work. If I have survived struggling with negative things, that means I have more than enough power to work with the positive. It starts with remembering that I am Energy. There is no separation. This is my foundation to build anything! This is the energy of joy, love, freedom, success and Abundance! There is no limitation. I do not need to get caught in man-made emotional monsters. That is a game I need to release. It’s time to let my knowledge become wisdom; time to transform my experiences into investments. It is my time to help manifest the bigger picture into physical form.

Believe in myself to build. Believe in myself to lead. Believe . . . to create.


by Francisco D. Coll

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An excerpt on the Spiritual Theme of the Month, August, 2011 by Francisco D Coll.


I am here to accomplish the fulfillment of something powerful and amazing – learning and growing spiritually. The most effective accomplishment of this is through Service. The deepest fulfillment is through being a living example of living my purpose. It has taken an eternity for all the pieces to come together in order that I can do what I came here to do.

Imagine the countless people and things that have fulfilled their own purpose and cycles in such a way that I am here, at this time, at this place, with all that is available to me. It is in feeling this reality that all my experiences, whether positive or negative, have great value.

Doing great things with what I have begins by recognizing the beauty and power of what I have already created.

1. What great things have I already done?

2. What great things do I still want to do?

3. How can I appreciate myself and the people, places and things in my life more this month?

Download a print version of the full Wayshowers Philosophy from

by Francisco D. Coll
© 2010, Alley Creative, Inc. All Rights Reserved


Boundless Appreciation








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