Personal Profiles

Spiritual or Personal profiles are an X-Ray of where you are at, on a spiritual level.

The foundation profile is the Orientation Profile, all others build upon this.

Please contact me further if you require any of these consultations, either in person or via Skype.


Isn’t she gorgeous? This is the sort of image some of us conjure up when it comes to the Spiritual Realm, but it’s not quite what we offer… we are a little bit less melodramatic.  In fact everything we do comes down to 2 simple things.

“A Thought for every Feeling,

And a Feeling for every Thought”

With that in mind, it follows that with everything we have on offer, there is a balance between the intellectual understanding and the experiences of the person.  Profiles are one area which clarify some not so good habits we have where this balance is not 50/50. All profiles are like taking a giant step forward in your development as a soul.

This is FREEDOM, true freedom!

As we clarify our thoughts and feelings,

We clarify our service and direction in life.

The following profiles (the basics) are what can help you discover what is the real you. Profiles and the knowledge and skills gained through them free a person to clearly see what is truth for him/herself. No one can lie to or control a person who can communicate with his/her Guidance. There are at present, over 30 different profiles that a person can invest in for their continued growth.

The first three personal consultation profiles

The first three personal consultation profiles

1001: The Orientation Profile

This is a comprehensive profile of your spiritual energy and the personal communication system of your four spiritual gifts. Personal guidance will be explained to you and you will be instructed in techniques to help you develop a clear two-way communication with your guidance (angels, master-souls). You will learn a technique to keep your energy compact and cleansed in all situations. The consultant will officially introduce you to your personal team of angels and instruct you in how to receive answers back from them immediately. During this profile you will understand your unique pattern of communicating to your angels and your world around you through your four gifts of perception ~ Prophecy, Vision, Intuition and Feeling and which order you have chosen for your unique path. With this profile you learn a ‘check and recheck’ technique so you can always know what is truth for you in all situations. This is like the other half of praying…. you find out how to be open to the messages coming back.
1 Hour, Prerequisite: Orientation Lecture.

1002-A: The Blockage Discovery Profile

In this profile you will discover and identify patterns in your life which are holding you back from fulfillment and success. It is like the gentle peeling back of the layers of an onion until you pinpoint the core concept that you have bought in your feelings which do not work for you anymore. In this profile you will discover where you picked up the original ‘block’ and see the pattern that has been played out to stimulate this blockage throughout your life. By understanding, healing and letting go this ‘old data’ you re-set your momentum for clarity, success and a bigger picture in the present and future.
1 Hour, Prerequisite: 1001

1003-A: The Percentage of Balance in Glandular System Profile

Clarify your relationship between the spiritual and physical natures of your life. In this a profile you will receive percentages that represent the amount of energy that flows through your seven spiritual energy or glandular centers.  You will receive your own ‘specialized’ healing kit to refer back to whenever your energy dips. Each of the glands has a specific intention and balance for health, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. The consultant will help you clarify where the ‘rust’ in the pipeline is and, like a plumber dilate those areas of your system so it is free-flowing again.  There may be a tremendous release of pent up energy as you work through this profile with the consultant and you will have some ‘homework’ to do in the way of personal affirmations and glandular therapy afterwards. This profile has far reaching effects that are for the betterment of your spiritual and physical balanced worlds.  It is your Spiritual Doctors Kit – Heal Thyself Practitioner!
1 Hour, Prerequisites: 1001 and 1002 A

You can rest assured that all profile consultants are thoroughly trained and qualified by the Americana Leadership College and refresh their training and ethics every two years.

I look forward to meeting & working with you 😉

Skype: living.delight



From Kaye McD in Alice Springs

I truly am amazed at what my Angels have been communicating to me since I have done my first profile session…. It’s like I never really knew that they were helping me in every area of my life, not just my ‘spiritual’ development.  I have been asking them to get me car parks even… and sure enough someone pulls out and I get the spot right in front of where I need to go. I know that sounds like a stupid thing, but it works every time… I’m amazed really.  I think these kind of simple, practical experiences help with my faith and eliminate my doubt.
There are many areas that I’ve been asking about and one, which was dear to me was about my son’s major surgery… They gave me a list of ‘weird’ stuff and helped me acquire the right pre-vitamins to boost his immune system and he came through the surgery with flying colours. His recovery was astounding. Instead of being hospitalized for 6weeks, he was out in 1week… totally unheard of. His health is now fully restored and he’s back at work, which the medical society said would never happen. (He has since had his profile done too)
This two way communication with spirit is the best gift I’ve ever given myself.  I recommend everyone have their first profile…. it’s the biggest life changing event of your life, believe me!

From David C in Cairns

I went to a Orientation Lecture in Cairns in 1995 and actually listened to the speaker tell me my life story….how did she know what I’d experienced?  I was both in strange awe and disbelief at the same time. At the end of the lecture she spoke about the Orientation Profile which made all my bells ring in my head… I had to have one of these profiles.  I mean to get answers back from my Angels was the key I’d been looking for all my life.
I already knew I had a team of Angels, even though what I’d been taught at Catholic School said we only had one! So this lecture confirmed what I already knew. We are taught to pray to God or Jesus or our Guardian Angels, but we are never told how to have a chat with them, you know, to get answers back and right away…. We used to be told to have faith and patience as God would answer in his timing, not my timing… I always thought that was a crock! And it always made me feel their God was a bit selfish or controlling really…. but anyway back to the story…
I had my first profile… the 1001 and was absolutely knocked over, blown away! I established 2-way chatting with my angels immediately… in fact they wouldn’t shut up… It’s like they were more happy than I was to chat to me, as finally I could listen properly… WOW.. What a life changer that one hour was!
It actually sped up my life considerably as just by checking with them about priorities… man I used to waste sooooo much time on crap. All of a sudden I had spare time to have more fun. I think the biggest changes for me was just that I could check if people were part of my journey, if I had a contract with them or just to bypass them…. that’s a biggie. Being brought up thinking I had to make time for all and sundry, made me lose my personal direction….. they’d get wealthy and organized and I’d be left standing where I was… Big lesson and even bigger suprise to all my hangeroners…. No more.  I’ve gone onto build a huge Marketing Business with the help of my Angels even down to employing the right staff that are both loyal to the Company and excellent workers.
The bottom line is:  Get it done.  You will never be sorry. It will completely change your life for the better. And if you think it’s too expensive, then think again. It’s a life time investment. It’s too cheap if you ask me.  And I’d still be doing the same things and going nowhere if I hadn’t gone to that first Orientation Lecture and done my Profile. 

From Caroline S in Florida Keys

I was brought up in a strict military household, where feelings were taboo. To find out that I was a Feeling Type person was the biggest relief of my life.  In fact my eczema went away overnight as the pressure to suppress what I was feeling was finally not what I needed to do for myself. Freedom would be the biggest highlight of the Orientation Profile for me. I didn’t have to be like my parents…. they were not Feelers at all. My pop is Prophetic and my mom an Intuitive.
The Cleansing Technique has changed everything for me as now when I feel something, if I cleanse it usually goes away because it wasn’t mine in the first place. I discovered that I was so highly sensitive I picked up everyone’s feelings, but my own were not allowed to be expressed so I lived on Valium.  Not anymore, that is all in the past.
The Orientation Profile cost me the equavelent of one weeks medication that I used to take. So every week I use the techniques taught in the profile, every week I save for my holidays and to do the next steps in the Profiles…. Cool!

From Sascha K in Chicago

Two years ago I experience the Orientation Profile. The Profile was a strange experience as I had no previous understanding that Angels could communicate to people directly, so I rebelled a bit with the simple technique and the Consultant explained that my trust was a bit low and perhaps the Community Group work would build that trust…. which it did.
At the very first meeting where other new people started too, I found they were so authentic and lovely to talk to I was hooked. I walked away feeling on top of the world and when I got home I did the checking out technique with my Angles and guess what…. It worked. Geez, only one night of group work and my trust levels had raised enough for me to allow my Angels to communicate clearly to me.  I think I had a fear of being possessed in there somewhere… yep ;-/
But it’s all working fine now and I’ve completed the first 8 weeks of Group work and am waiting to go to the next level. In the mean time I’ve experience a couple of mini-courses (3hours) and a Camp over one week. I think that one week was really 2years. I’ve also had my Blockage Discovery Profile… hmmm I cried for 2weeks after that; yes indeedy it certainly is a Blockage unpluggerer.  I’ve learnt so much in such a short time and I’m putting it all to good use.
The other thing I’d like to mention is… {because I thought it at the time} No, it’s not a cult. And no, they don’t want all of your money. It’s like a Adult Education College where you can choose your curriculum and pay as you go. There has been lots of other courses and mini-courses in Chicago that I could have gone along to (electives) but chose to go to the one week camp instead… I’m sure I made the right choice because my life is full of adventure and love now.

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