Healing Techniques

On this page you will discover

some dynamic techniques to

stimulate your growth and healing…




This technique absolutely heals all unfinished or unresolved business with self and others. It releases pent-up and locked up energies that can create all types of diseases both physically and emotionally. It has the ability to create a CLEAN SLATE for you and others so that the new Paradigm can be within and without. This healing technique is very powerful and can be done over and over again.

The steps are simple:

1. Recall an experience that has hurt or maimed your child-like part.

2. Forgive yourself for being there.

3. Forgive the people you have used to create such a negative, abusive drama.

4. Release yourself from the experience.

5. Release the others from the experience.

6. Thank yourself for the experience.

7. Thank the other people involved for the experience.

8. Thank the universe for coordinating such an experience.

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