About Me

About Me 😉

I have been involved in my Spiritual search since I was 4 years old.  I could always see and speak with Angelic Beings, ‘Ghosts’ and also the faerie that lived in our back yard.  Along with this I could also see people’s auras and often glimpses into who they were before in another lifetime.

This didn’t sit too well if I played with other kids who couldn’t.  So my questions started.  My parents and grandparents had no issue about these gifts I displayed but luckily rather than discount them or feed me fear about them they gave me some ‘real’ answers to some of my questions.  With Irish decent there were lots of stories they recounted about ‘seers’ and ‘paranormal’ along their life paths.  It was sort of normal for them.

I was always one to sleep walk especially with my special Aboriginal Angel who would show me the ‘secrets’ of my environment.. much to my Mum’s alarm as often she’d find me quite some distance away up the road or across in the bush.  ‘George’ always kept me safe though and we had some wonderful night time adventures.  He explained the stars and the animals and the bush berries I could eat; to be aware of the snake in that tree and listen to the sounds so I could always know where I was; what frog that was etc.  He had a lot of amazing ‘dream-time’ stories that he told to me over the years.

My brother around 2 also displayed heightened ‘psychic’ gifts and we developed a telepathy and silent looks or language with each other to escape from any harm or chastisement from Mum or Dad.  We’d sit and chat or play with ‘George’ and his Angel ‘Kathy’ for hours and disappear a lot from home as we both had courage to do anything as we knew we were safe from harm as long as we were home before 5pm. This courage and sense of adventure still resides inside of me and has taken me all around the world and into situations that the average person would run from.

We explored playing with candles, matches and pencils… getting them to move with just thoughts and energy and were mighty happy when one of us could get a result.  The other game we played was looking at a playing card and sending it psychically to the other who would try to guess the card held.  I was much better at sending to him and him receiving than the other way around.  (Later finding out my first gift was Intuition and his Feeling, made so much sense)

Around 7 I was awoken by a great light shining into my window so I went across the road into the paddock and looked right up into this light where I saw a huge Angel who hovered down to the ground and he ‘anointed’ me and said he’d always be with me too.  (Later I discovered this was my second Angel locking into my path)

My brother and I also explored writing and artwork games.  I’d automatically write upside down and backwards or in codes and he’d decipher it or sometimes we challenge each other with drawing shapes on paper.  We’d number beside each shape and then compare them… 99% of the time we’d have the same result.

Another game we played was staring into the mirror at our faces or each others’ faces and describe what we were seeing through this timeline into others.  This was a great game as we then took those images and deciphered our relationship with each other in those lives.  Sometimes we’d even dress up and play act out the parts from then… which often ended up with Mum telling us to separate and get to our rooms as we were yelling too much or hurting each other.. 😉  Sometimes the fun did stop as we caught the wave of the past… Once I speared my brother in the shin with a dart (Pygmy blowing darts lifetime)  She didn’t quite understand we were wrapping up unfinished business.  LOL

The more we experienced the strength of our ‘super powers’, as we used to call them, the more we were aware that other kids just weren’t doing this or knowing about this sort of exploration?  How come we did?  Why were we different?  So I started getting psychic books out of the library…. hmm Far North Queensland didn’t have a big range, so I started getting them shipped up from Brisbane State Library.  Still, the information in these books was at odds to our explorations and experiences.  Mainly the information was all about Guru’s, diets or practices like long hours of meditation to increase these gifts we innately had and expanded together.

Both of us were bamboozled by the mis-information out there as we didn’t lie on a bed of nails or eat rice for 30 years to have these gifts.  The other thing was – What to do with it once you had attained it?  The books were full of ‘on the way’ stories… not when ‘you are there’ stories.  And the Theosophical Russian books were written so mysteriously as to make it nearly impossible to be a ‘natural’ at anything.  The Religious books were all suggesting we were possessed by demons and needed much prayer and exorcisms to eradicate these natural gifts.  Both schools of thought created FEAR.

I read one book on automatic writing by some possessed guy and that certainly didn’t help my backwards upside down scribblings either.  But my scribbles were wisdom…. I wish I’d kept them.  Years later my brother said it was Nostradamus who I was channeling.. that made sense to me 😉  Wasn’t he a good guy?  Certainly not a demon and the scribblings were actually practical stuff not undecipherable or confused.

By the time I got to high school we both were well developed in multi-facet reading techniques… tarot, runes, cards, crystal ball, auras, seeing sickness in people, talking to the dead, seeing into the future for others, understanding what herbs or medicines people needed to get well… but the more understanding we had the more I didn’t understand WHY?  I decided to put it away for awhile and really concentrate on sports and schooling.   That didn’t work!

My sensitivity had increased out of control and in some environments especially when I’d get into a totally unfamiliar surrounding… like a new friend’s home; I’d get bombarded with the homes’ energy or parents issues… I’d go home and sometimes I’d be crying because of all the pain in the house.. the secrets; the sickness; the abuse; the ‘ghosts’; the history there.  Often it would be a couple of days before I could snap out of it.  I’d always make a policy not to return to those homes as I couldn’t shake the energy off quickly.  It would be like I was immersed in it and it went in…. right in.

The worst time I had was when I had to have an interview for my ‘first confirmation’… I ended up screaming to go home.. I chucked the biggest tantrum and Mum gave me the most vitriolic tongue lashing all the way home.  “They won’t confirm you after that display and you won’t be able to get into Heaven…. blah, blah, blah.”  Once she’d said her piece…  finally I got a word in and told her what I saw and heard inside the Nunnery;  well she shut up then!  What I saw was all this blood and babies all twisted up and crying and hands with wire and crosses in them and women screaming and I couldn’t see anything else let alone listen to the Nun who was in the room asking me dumb questions … I was entrapped in the thoughts, feelings, sounds and emotions and all the babies in limbo… then Mum explained to me what happened to unbaptized babies according to the Catholic Church beliefs .. it kinda made sense.. but something didn’t make sense.  Like,  “If God was Love and when we die we go back to him… why are there Ghosts and Limbo? And why were there all these dead babies there?”

I did get confirmed, but never felt a thing… it was like I’d shut that book.  This was my first intense lesson in hypocrisy. (Several decades later they discovered 100’s of baby bones under that building)

Finishing up schooling I went in search of some meaning to life apart from books and theories that didn’t match our experiences with the ‘psychic world’.  “George” introduced me to 4 Aboriginal tribes and I was initiated into each over a few years and across states in Australia.  He, beside me was my gold ticket through their rites of passage.  After exploring more about ‘George’ I discovered he was a communicator for the Bunya Mountains rituals for his last life.  He walked all through NSW, QLD and NT in Australia and was the ‘justice system’ in evening out the balance of peace within the warring tribes.  He was a well known Aboriginal Elder and I had him as my first Angel… I truly was blessed.

Another experience I had on my travels was at Uluru.  It was my first night there and we’d built a bonfire and the Maori’s were playing their guitars and singing up a storm.  I noticed ‘George’ and the rest of my team of Angels were missing in action?  It was an odd feeling, like for the very first time I was alone.  I questioned in my mind… “I wonder where my Angels are?”  Across the bonfire a voice came back… “They cannot come into sacred ground without permission.”  I looked up and saw a dark figure across the fire.  He approached me and asked to sit beside me.  I was looking around to see if he was ‘physical’ or not but couldn’t quite discern as he was drifting in and out of dimensions.  Once he sat beside me then he felt and looked real.  He introduced himself as Noel and said he was an Aboriginal Elder from Carnarvon and that he’d be beside me for the next twelve months especially in sacred grounds.  That I was his charge for that time.

It was exactly 12 months to the day he was in my life and he taught me many things: how to levitate, to particle-ize atoms, to time travel, to steer past life explorations and send energy across the miles to heal and help situations and people.  He also showed me much ‘black magic’ of his tribal knowledge to which I did not participate in… one, because I was a woman this lifetime and two, because I couldn’t manipulate without feeling I was adding bad karma to myself.  At that point I hadn’t quite understood that it’s all an illusion anyway.

I saw him do some great feats of impossibility in the scientific world like appearing in several places at once, (quark-ism) to beaming red energy out of his third eye that would kill animals which were dangerous like snakes or dogs on attack, or at least disguised as animals, to time jumping across the landscape, to aging and youth-ing in minutes.  I encountered a feather foot who was trying to kill Noel as he was the next medicine man of his tribe and the feather foot wanted him gone.  I heard the singing from Carnarvon elders for Noel to return home across some 3,000 klms.  I watched a man of 95 kgs disintegrate to 30 kgs in one hour and return in 4 hours after we got him out of the feather foot’s influence.

I learnt how to walk the song lines of the Aboriginals and to reinstate the energy to it’s flow.  I understood the messages of the bush and the silent messages of the click sticks language.  We time traveled in a couple of places in NT one of which is called Piggly Wiggly water hole and also the Olgas.  There were many things I experienced, saw, learnt, heard and felt in Northern Territory under the guiding hand of Noel.

There are many fragmented time lines on this land which are open which need not be.  One such place is called Hanging Rock in Victoria.  A place where many people disappear.  These edges of reality open and it is one of the Aboriginal cultures duties to upkeep them or close them.  The cultural essence is disappearing and the ‘worm holes’ are staying open for longer as the men have forgotten the cures or lack the time to do it.  That is sad.

Noel had to go back to Carnarvon to take his rightful place and I missed him greatly but life continued and so did my lessons.  At 22 I moved to Darwin and I was at the end of my tether with all of these experiences as I still did not have my WHY answered.  I had been by this age involved and baptized in 8 religions and 3 cults, hit by lightening twice.. once on my car and once when I was in a church asking a Priest for holy water.. been thrown around a room by an angry spirit for months, seen many thousands of dead people stuck in their stuff, healed many people of their stuff, died twice, learnt yoga, meditation, read copious books and scientific studies, initiated into several tribes world wide and partaken of their cultural rituals and rites of passage on the soul seekers path … still no real answers.

Every now and then I’d phone my brother and he too was still experiencing the unexplained.  He was however coping better than I was.  I sort of wondered if I’d shifted something in my body/mind/soul by drinking, smoking and consuming all the cultural medicines, rituals, peace pipes and soul trips that were supposed to give me insights to make sense of it all.  Then I had a Kundalini Chakra blow out from an apprentice who said he was a master teacher of the art.  Grrrr  Instead of spiraling and opening in a controlled way I spiraled out of the top of my head and lost myself somewhere in the ethers and pieces of my inner core blew to the outer edges of the universe never to return… (it’s been a long journey to reclaim some pieces)

That was it!  I was over it… all of it.  Standing on my balcony waving my threatening fist at God and screaming… “I’m going to commit suicide and come up there and kick your shins in if you don’t tell me why I’m experiencing all this stuff that other’s have no idea about.  I’m sick to death of it.  I can’t live a life like this… it’s crap being THIS different. I need the answer and I need it NOW.”

He/She must have heard me… hee hee.  Or as another friend says… God doesn’t want you making trouble up there yet!

The next day I dawdled to work even though I was on contract I had no desire to earn money or do work to keep repeating the same unusual stuff in my life.  As I walked through the office the head Architect said to me; “There’s a guy in town who’s doing lectures on ESP tonight.”  I stopped in my tracks, goosebumps were all over me and I heard George prompt… He’s answered 😉  That poor lady got so many questions fired at her asking her for the facts… she had none.  All she could tell me was she heard it on the radio.  I walked no further; I just turned and said, I’m not at work today and drove back home.

That was around 11 am.  The next 4 hours I phoned every radio station, television station, hotel, motel and newspaper in town.  Nobody knew anything.  I felt flat, deflated, disappointed, annoyed and worst of all “the joke’s on you” feeling was getting stronger by the moment.  Sitting and crying on the front fence my boyfriend turns up and asks what’s wrong?  I told him that if I didn’t get to this lecture tonight I would miss out on the most important thing in my life and I’d end up committing suicide so I can bash God up.  He started to laugh and said, “Why don’t you do what you are good at – Be Psychic?  Get in your car and go find it with your Angels help!”  OMG How come I hadn’t thought about that?  Duh!

It took me about an hour and a half after a shower and getting dressed and driving with saying Right or Left to my Angels… I found it … I saw a crack in a door, the light shining out.  This was big, this was really big!  I was trembling with anticipation.  I tip toed across to the door as nobody else was in sight.  I had no idea what time it was as I never wore a watch as they always broke after a couple of days anyway and my inner timing was consumed with nerves and excitement at the same time so I had no idea if the place was already full or not, if I was early or late.  Peeking into the crack I saw an empty hall with two people facing each other doing something strange… they were stroking their heads and then flicking with their hands… I started to creep backwards and my thoughts were, Oh geez another cult!  Then the door opened and the man said… “Hello, are you here for the lecture tonight?”  Oops caught!  I think I said Yes and he ushered me inside saying I was early and they were just setting up.  I sat down and then he said, “Hey I think there will be a lot of people coming do you want to register people for us?”  I must have said Yes again?  Then the lady came over and showed me the paperwork and the money tin and she said You don’t need to pay.  Opportunity Exchange and smiled.

Well, there ya go I thought.  Firstly I didn’t realize I had to pay, in fact it hadn’t even entered my mind.. I was too obsessed with not missing it.  I started to chuckle to myself and then the people started coming in the door.  329 of them.  Darwin was hungry for psychic understanding.  I never realized there was so much interest in what I experienced on a daily basis.  Not that I thought I was the only one, but that others… this many were actually looking for similar answers to my questions too.

I went and sat in the crowd for the lecture and listened, no, hung on every word.… and then it ended.  They started to promote the next nights workshop and I was sinking… sinking, melting, oozing down as I hadn’t got my answers.  Everything they said was my life.  Every point was my life.  Everything they explained was exactly my life experiences.  But what was the answer I was missing … in fact what was the question again?  I sat there in a daze, a let down, a flop, a dead end… I already knew all of this and experienced it… OMG  Is this all there is?  So why am I alive again if this is all there is to life.  Bzzzzzzz  mind blank set in.

Then when all hope had slid onto the floor right out of me; the man said, “Oh I forgot, sorry.  We do a one-on-one consultation where you can get direct answers back from your Angels.  The techniques you learn remove all the doubt in your life.”  I jumped up, I startled myself even… The lecturer said, “If you want a consultation, (before he’d finished the sentence I was up) go over to the desk.” I was jumping across people’s legs and bags… I was first in line… Oh YES!  This was the answer… This was what I needed soooo badly.  God got a time out!  Haha.

The first appointment was at 5am… OMG I don’t get up that early… that meant I needed to get up at 4am to get into Darwin in time and somehow make my brain work without it’s 2 cups of coffee before I talk to anyone.  Yikes.  The lady must have sensed my hesitation and said to me… “Is this what you want?  We will be booked up in no time flat so if you don’t want it let someone else in line have it..”  I looked backwards and saw the length of the line… “OK, Yes I’ll take the appointment.”  I said.. “I’ll be there.”  And I was.  I don’t think I slept much that night; too excited and too worried about missing the appointment.

This consultation was the turning point of my life… rather my sensitivity, as I learnt in that one hour how to cut the energy cords that had plagued me for years. It was obvious in the XRay part my sensitivity was 97% and my gifts were only 87%… that 10% difference was the engulfing part I kept feeling; the part I couldn’t discern; the part that was elusive and it controlled my life.  I didn’t really need to know about my Angels, but did learn I now had 7 working with me so there were 2 more that I needed to explore on a personal level as such.  I pretty well knew the other 5 intimately.

Finding out what my first means of and the inner order of my communication helped me understand why I was so impatient with myself and others including God.  I’d developed all my gifts to the same % which was apparently not usual, but I’d had my brother for all of our experiments and we eventually found out his order was exactly the opposite to mine… that’s good!  So all in all it was a highly important day in my life.  Over the years I’ve realized most people don’t have the experiences or opportunities I had, some don’t even know or acknowledge they have angels helping them with their life purpose.  My not so normal life was now starting to make sense… I was here to help people know what I already knew and the Americana Leadership College had a gradual system of unfoldment for anyone on any level of experience in life.  It was like a blue print for me.

The workshop the following night was so wonderful.  Taking each gift and teaching people how to expand them.  There were 250 people there and at the end 8 groups of 10 people decided they would do the intensive group work that followed on a weekly basis.  I was so excited, I’d found my family… my soul family; my spiritual brothers and sisters.

My second surprise was when they announced that as there were no trained leadership in Darwin that a select group would be advanced trained to take through the 8 groups and they’d come up to put on the courses in between.  They asked for those interested in this advanced training… My hand was up already… Pick me, pick me!  10 of us did the advanced training and we became the best friends ever.  This was so easy and so much fun.  I’d found my path.  I’d found my purpose in life.  Finally 😉

That was in 1980… and I’m still learning and instructing across the globe.  My interest nor enthusiasm hasn’t waned once.  I love this work.. well it’s not really work, it’s play time and adventure time!

All I can say to you who have taken the time to read this is JUST GET YOUR PROFILE DONE.  You will never be the same again!  It’s one of the most advanced tools on Planet Earth today as it makes you master of your own life in so many ways.  No more enslavements nor confusion to keep you held back from what you’re here to do this lifetime.

Love to everyone



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