Theme of the Month, October, 2010


How far can I go?  How much success am I willing to claim?  Do I really accept people for who and what they are?  Do I accept myself 100%? My ability to learn and grow is directly connected to my willingness to let go of habits and concepts that no longer work for me.  All I need is to truly do the best that I know how and patiently fulfill my goals.

Recognizing success is a large part of unfolding soul consciousness.  The fact that I am here is a great success. There are many that have not organized themselves to be where I am and experience what I have.  Just breathing and keeping my physical body together means I am successful.  This does not mean that I am better; I will never be better, just as I will never be lesser.  There are no greater or lesser souls, only different states of consciousness.  My success simply means that I have organized myself, that I have everything I need to be successful.  I am as successful as I want to be, and I can be very proud of who I am, what I have accomplished and all of my experiences.

Once I accept that I am energy I can start relaxing inside. And when I embrace my opportunity here, to learn and grow, I will be free. What can rob me of that abundant freedom is competition.  A little competition helps me have incentive to achieve what I want, but too much competition will steal and take away from what I want, before I even achieve it.  When the outer world becomes more important than the Real Me then I am caught in competition, I am controlled and easily used.  The solution is acceptance; accepting who I am, and what I have, is powerful.  The solution is minding my own business – I am in the business of me and I fulfill that best when I am being of super service.

Accepting my inner power and realizing the-god-within is working with my potential.  It is “living life.” The real challenges come when I stop moving at my inner pace or stop claiming my own Clear direction.  I may have been told that having my own direction is dangerous.  I may have been told I will fail and lose.  I may have been fed many things that can create fear or resistance.  If I accept the fears of others, I will “hold on” to opportunities or blow my timing.  I will resist the flow of my own energy and that of the universe.  However, my true opportunity is to forge new experiences and cover new ground for myself.  That is an important part of why I am here.  How will I mature as a soul if I am not fully involved in my purpose?  How will my accomplishments ripen and other people mature if I am not fully involved in my purpose?  I won’t and they won’t until I take action and Follow-Through.

Everything starts with a True Feeling. By allowing myself to organize what I feel for success, I accomplish the fulfillment.  It is simply giving myself permission.  I give myself permission to be Happy.  I give myself permission to be Successful.  I give myself permission to be Abundant.  It all happens by making that decision.  It happens when I allow it to happen.  Every time I breathe in I am accepting abundance.  Every time I breathe out I am sharing abundance.  Breathe in, breathe out.  In, out.  Accept and release.  Fulfill and accomplish.  Breathe in, breathe out.

I am free.  There is no need for explanation, or for complicating that statement.  I am free. I am so free that sometimes I can involve myself with blocks.  These blockage patterns can give me stability while I am maturing.  But I am ready to move beyond.  I am willing to let go.  My desire for deeper and greater success is stronger than worry, fear or guilt.  To fully claim my true needs and wants I will Release the blocks.  I will let go of concepts that no longer work for me.  Release does not mean I lose things or people, it means I give freedom to myself and everything I am involved in.  Release is letting go of excuses and embracing the real me.

by Francisco D. Coll

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