Theme of the Month, July, 2010


You are composed of all things. You cannot exist in this physical body without the nourishment and energy of the sun, the oxygen, the vegetation and all things of planet earth. Spiritually, you feed from the All and have opportunity because of the rhythms and routines – as well as the pressures – of the Universe. All things are here for you to learn and grow.

“Success, happiness and abundance are already yours . . . all you have to do is claim them.”

Your life includes all things and all creation . . . whether you like it or not. What you think will not change the rhythms and routines of the Universe. You are the rhythms and routines of the Universe. You are one with all. You are a part of great success and successes around you. The only separation that you have is the one you think you have. It is thoughts of separation that lead to confusion and suffering. Indulging in fears, lack, or a small picture is the habit of trying to separate yourself from yourself – but that is not you, nor is it your contract. You are here for great fulfillment in all your accomplishments. You are here for that balance of two worlds at once.

All things of greatness begin with the question, “What do I really need and what do I really want?” It is the basis for fulfilling and understanding Purpose. It is not the answers in life that you have problems with; it is finding the right questions that frees you. When you are involved in fulfilling your own destiny and not caught up in other people’s tragedies, your energy and positive actions incorporate all things. You become a builder. If the things you are dealing with are not building your needs and wants then you need to evaluate, “To what percent is this really my business?” When you get involved in things that are not your business, you become exclusionary. You may think you are doing the right thing or think you are helping but you are actually contributing to confusion. You can become a taker – a taker of opportunity and timing. One of the greatest things you can do is help people to help themselves. That is embracing your needs and wants through service.

Achieving what you need and want is true accomplishment. Knowing specifically why you want something and what’s in it for you is true understanding. Organizing these things into a system that can help people is true service. Doing all of these things affluently is the definition of Positive Crystal Clear Motives. Having “positive crystal clear motives” means doing the best you know how and being backed and supported by masters and masters of masters.

You are a big picture. You have organized this life’s opportunity with free will. You have created for yourself an energy of successes within success. Your plans are within your Plan. Just as there is the Universe with many Galaxies. Just as in the Galaxy there are many Solar Systems. Just as in the Solar System there are many Planets, and so on and so forth. All of it is about opportunity and moving forward. A momentum and opportunity to bring together energy for the greater success of the real you.

Encompass means accepting yourself and your purpose as a way of life. It is building and investing in your fulfillment. It is time filled with timing to best accomplish your goals. It is successfully living in two worlds at once. It is about being right even when you are wrong and knowing you are free and that you have free will to do what you need to do when you need to do it. It is knowing that you can do it, and that everything is going to be all right. Encompass is simply living your life 100%. Encompass is fulfilling everything in this moment.

by Francisco D. Coll

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