The roles and opportunities I invest myself into will always reveal clues to life, which are there to simplify things for me. If I am doing something to improve myself spiritually every day, then I am accomplishing my life’s work. The strongest forms of inner-security are built when I have fulfilled my needs and know that I am accomplishing my aspirations.

I came here to invest in my self. I am also here to have fun and fulfillment. Through discernment and staying clear about where I came from, who I am and where I am going, I feel satisfaction in everything I do. I feel the serenity of the real me, living in two-worlds-at-once while achieving my goals. I become the continuous abundant flow of energy that ALL things can trust and respect, and that I can count on.

The Universe and nature flows and grows without limitation or struggle.
Even my body does best when it is at-ease. But being relaxed does not mean I am without direction or purpose. If I lose my inner incentive and drive I can create dis-ease into my future. Without crystal clear personal direction I will be at the mercy of the currents around me. It is vital that I am consistent in refining the harmony and balance of being comfortable, but not becoming “Comfy” (there is a big difference between being comfortable and being comfy). I can be peaceful inside even when there are challenges or changes around me. If I accept anything less than the real me, then I am opening the door to fears and confusion.

The anxieties in life come when I have doubts that everything is going to be all right. Well, I am going to be all right. I am going to get there. I know everyone will get there. Even through the ups and downs, the challenges and tragedies, everyone is going to make it. Knowing this is a powerful asset, but it is up to me to reinforce this energy in myself; people can help me, but I am the one with the contract to fulfill my goals, and I am the one that must KNOW that I am going to be all right and succeed.

It is also important to my energy that I know what is me and what is not me. I may have habits that come from my first 7 Years, I may even have tendencies magnified by the environment. They are all just suggestions now. I can do whatever I feel I need to do, but I can get into trouble when I think there is something outside of myself that is greater than what I have inside. When I forget that I am made up of all things I will start looking for happiness outside of myself. I may even start to strive or fight for the things I already have — like freedom, success, joy or peace. I indulge in illusions when I stop feeling that I can be happy in everything I do. I indulge in illusions when I act based solely on what I think and leave out how things feel to me. My opportunity is to unfold the real me every day and in every opportunity, that is the type of loyalty-to-self that builds everything in my inner world AND my outer world.

I have all the time in the world. I am time. I did not come to waste it, but I do have time. It is up to me to feel that I have enough time and give myself that time. When I understand time I will better work in My Timing. I will be doing the right thing at the right place and at the right timing . . . all in harmony with the Universe. It begins with this moment. Everything I have done has brought me to this place and time. I am a creator. Now with contentment, I will set my energy and move forward into my greatest works. I can be assertive or gentle, loud or quiet, serious or playful; I am willing to do what is needed in order to fulfill my needs and aspirations. I can fulfill many roles, wear many uniforms, and go many places. But no matter what it is always me . . . and always with direction and with contentment.

by Francisco D. Coll

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