Theme of the Month, April, 2010


Life is simple; I don’t need to complicate it. My basic opportunity is to not rebel against myself or my true feelings.  I have had many roles and many opportunities, and many people have come into and passed through my life, but I am the constant.  I am the pivot for my energy and destiny.  No one else came to reinforce my energy.  People can help me, but I am the one with the contract for my purpose and my unfoldment.  There is no second place in my personal spiritual life.  I am number one … always.

I cannot effectively be of service by trying to serve two masters at once. In other words, I will not completely experience the fulfillment of what I am doing unless I truly invest myself into it.  Division is about fighting for something I already have, or paying a high price for something I already have.  I did not come to divide myself or let myself be divided.  I have come to be the sovereign of myself and Master my energy.  I dynamically do this through being of service and fulfilling my aspirations.  I do this by being whole in my feelings, thoughts and actions.

The freedom that I have is what I am. I can get into trouble when I think I am not free or don’t have free will.  It is said that “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” I need to be clear about this.  Without this understanding, I will let things corrupt my energy and become inconsistent . . . and that is a waste of time.  I cannot waste my energy, but if I stop investing in myself and my continuity, I can waste my time.

No one but me breathes through my nose.  No one digests my food for me. It is I that powers my body and my destiny.  All things are here for me to learn, grow, and be of service.  Once I truly understand and accept that I am a Soul with a physical body — and that I don’t have a Soul, I am a Soul — I will be at ease inside. I will be in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time.  This is how I claim my energy.  Once I claim it and have a clear routine for it, I will become the leader of my life.  The “Inner Voice” will be louder and more precious than the outer voices.  This means I can do anything and can help anyone, but I will honor my timing and the opportunity of “me first.”  By being of service to myself, I can freely be of service to others.

It is important that I respect all things as spiritually good and pure. There are many things that are positive, and some things that are not-so-positive; I need to respect all of them.  When I lose my respect for things, even the “not-so-good” things, I lose self-respect.  Without self respect I will become easily manipulated, and my direction and purpose will suffer.  I will become threatened by things and people around me.  But when I add respect as one of my personal policies, I can have fun.  I know when to set my boundaries and when to accept greater opportunity.  Respect for all things is a need if I am going to truly fulfill my opportunity here.

I come in alone and I go out alone, but I am involved with teamwork all the time. I am autonomous and independent, but teamwork is what will build who I am and what I come to do in a deep and rich way.  It is important that I know there are no greater or lesser jobs.  All things are important and necessary in order for me to build and move forward.  Acceptance and continuity of the big picture allows me to work with the Systems of Life and not get trapped in them. It is people who fulfill systems, and people are part of what I come to do.

The power of me being me and fulfilling my purpose is the power of true love. It is the power to heal. It is the power to free.  It is the power of life in all things.  My sovereignty gives me the peace that passes understanding. I empower myself and everything by my clear inner decisions.  It is my inner decisions that create the bridge for the miracles of life to manifest.  This is but a tiny piece of my sovereignty.

by Francisco D. Coll

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